What is the best way for media buyers to automate invoice processing?

    The best way for advertising agencies, marketing companies and other media buyers to automate their invoice processing is to deploy an AP automation solution that seamlessly integrates with their media buying software or media planning software.

    AP automation software receives all invoices sent by suppliers – including invoices sent as PDF e-mail attachments – extracts line-item data, credit memos, adjustments, placement level and other information from the invoice, matches the invoice against the insertion order in the media buying software or media planning software, and posts matched invoices for payment without the need for time-consuming and error-prone rekeying.

    Leading accounts payable automation solutions integrate with the best media buying software or media planning software. Any unmatched supplier invoices or invoices that require approval are digitally routed to the appropriate person, based on pre-configured business rules defined by the advertising agency, marketing company or media buyer.