Self-Service Supplier Portal for AP Solutions

    Does your AP department struggle with:

    • Too much keying of invoice information
    • Too many paper invoices from suppliers
    • Difficulty processing e-mail invoices from suppliers
    • Endless phone calls and e-mails regarding the status of invoices and payments
    • Lots of time wasted chasing down invoice information
    • Tax reporting challenges
    • Compliance issues


    If so, it may be time for your accounts payable department to automate its invoice processing. 

    Accounts payable departments need a better way to manage and interact with their organization's valued suppliers.

    That’s why IPS created a next-generation self-service supplier portal as part of its AP automation solution for invoice processing. 

    The IPS self-service supplier portal enables suppliers of any size or technological sophistication to:

    • Easily update their vendor information to avoid payment delays
    • Effortlessly submit invoices and receive a confirmation of their receipt
    • Convert or flip buyer purchase orders into electronic invoices submitted through the portal
    • Instantly see the status of invoices and payments (e.g. received, approved, paid, etc.), at any time, from any location, to better manage their working capital
    • Electronically communicate with buyers, avoiding back-and-forth calls and e-mails


    By extending accounts payable automation with the IPS self-service supplier portal, AP departments can:

    • Eliminate the possibility of lost or misplaced invoices
    • Further streamline their operations and lower invoice processing costs
    • Eliminate duplicate payments and erroneous payments to suppliers
    • More easily communicate and collaborate with suppliers
    • Accelerate the resolution of invoice exceptions
    • Avoid potential supply chain disruptions from invoice approval delays
    • Strengthen their relationships with valued suppliers
    • Free up accounts payable staff to focus on value-added activities


    With buyers spending between $2.50 to $3.60 or more resolve the typical supplier inquiry regarding invoice or payment status, the cost savings from a self-service online supplier portal can add up fast!

    What’s more, making your company easier to do business with helps attract and retain top suppliers and provides you with leverage during contract negotiations and early payment discount discussions.

    Any size AP department can benefit from automating its invoice processing with a self-service supplier portal.

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