Human Resources Document Management

    Streamline administrative tasks, instantly access information and strengthen compliance

    Whether you oversee human resources for a business unit or a global corporation, digital human resources solutions from IPS help you more efficiently and securely manage employee information. 

    • Aggregate paper and digital human resources documents in a single platform
    • Standardize the processing of digital documents such as e-mails and faxes and paper-based documents such as tax forms, employee medical records and pension plan agreements
    • Automatically extract critical human resources data from documents, including employee name, employee tax identification number, salary data, and benefits plan information
    • Strengthen compliance by securely storing images and data in the IPS document repository
    • Provide geographically dispersed users with anytime, anywhere access to information
    • Seamlessly upload captured employee information to any HRIS, HCM, ERP or database


    Plus, our Six Sigma methodologies ensure optimum process efficiency and effectiveness.

    Want to free your human resources staff to focus on value-added tasks? IPS solutions can transform your human resources function.