Business Process Automation

Create a digital future with the IPS BPA platform

Most enterprise applications are not well-suited to handling the ever-increasing volume of documents and data.  Digitizing and standardizing the capture and management of mission-critical information with the Business Process Automation platform from IPS enables organizations to transform their business processes.  Our powerful application platform combines emerging technologies such as mobile, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation to transform the capture and management of contracts, orders, invoices, personnel files, leases, claims, records, and other business documents.

  • Extract critical data from documents in any format, including paper, Web, PDF or fax
  • Streamline operations by aggregating paper and digital documents into a single platform
  • Accelerate cycle times with digital workflows and AI-assisted reconciliation
  • Quickly identify and resolve bottlenecks with real-time visibility into process flows
  • Provide authorized users with instant anytime, anywhere access to images and data
  • Integrate captured images and data with any downstream workflow, process or system
  • Ensure regulatory compliance by archiving images in our secure document repository


And the IPS BPA platform accomplishes all this with strong visibility, control and compliance.

Want to achieve strong results and a competitive advantage through digital transformation?

    Let IPS show you how our platform can digitally transform your business processes.