RPA for Accounts Payable

Automate Repetitive AP Tasks

What if you could free your AP staff to focus on higher value activities like data analysis?

IPS AP Automation Solutions | Let's TalkOr support higher invoice volumes or seasonal volume spikes without the need to hire more staff?

See RPA in action!


Using Robotic Process Automation or RPA as part of comprehensive AP automation solution can make this a reality.

But be warned: The value of RPA on its own – without OCR, machine learning and other enabling technologies – won’t deliver the value that AP departments need.

How RPA for accounts payable works

RPA uses software “bots” to automate routine and repetitive AP and invoice processing tasks.

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From retrieving invoices from a supplier portal, an e-mail box or an FTP landing site, to populating information on reports, RPA can handle some of the tasks that waste an accounts payable professional’s time.

Using RPA as part of an AP automation solution or invoice processing software delivers big benefits:

  • Less chance of overlooked or delayed invoices
  • Lower invoice processing overhead through the elimination of costly manual processes
  • Better AP staff productivity and utilization
  • Higher percentage of invoices posted directly to an ERP
  • Faster invoice approval workflows


RPA can accomplish all this without disrupting existing invoice processing workflows. Software bots can even be used to enforce pre-defined business rules for processing invoices. And leading AP automation solutions include built-in software bots to get you up and running fast with RPA.

The combination of RPA software bots with an AP Automation solution or invoice processing software can eliminate manual steps across the accounts payable cycle.

What to look for in AP software bots

RPA on its own is not enough.

Look for AP automation solutions and invoice processing software that include:

  • Built-in software bots especially designed for AP and invoice processing
  • A proven track record in using bots to achieve straight-through invoice processing
  • Scalable bot-assisted workflows that eliminate the need to hire more staff as volume grows
  • Bot-driven tools for delivering information fast to downstream systems and processes


The combination of RPA and comprehensive AP automation is key to optimizing internal processes.

Looking for ways to automate labor-intensive AP processes and free staff to focus more time on the things that matter most? RPA software bots for AP and invoice processing may be part of the solution.

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