Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solutions for Accounts Payable

No one likes the drudgery of repetitive, manual tasks.


That’s why we made robotic process automation or RPA a key part of Productivity Wrx℠, our next-generation digital transformation platform for accounts payable automation, delivered as a service.

RPA uses software "bots" to automate tasks ordinarily performed by humans: 

  • Opening a supplier portal to retrieve invoice submissions
  • Extracting data from fields on an invoice
  • Monitoring queues such as those for invoice approval
  • Routing invoices for approval or exceptions handling based on pre-set business rules


The RPA technology within the IPS Productivity Wrx℠ platform performs repetitive tasks flawlessly and consistently with minimal setup and no changes to legacy systems.

And RPA is fast!  The technology performs tasks more than 20 times faster than a human operator – and it never gets sick, tired or distracted, or requires a lunch break. 

Eliminating repetitive, manual tasks with the RPA capabilities within IPS Productivity Wrx℠ frees your accounts payable staff to spend more time on value-added activities such as:

  • Data analysis
  • Supplier management
  • Vendor master data cleanup
  • More!


The accounts payable process in any industry can benefit from RPA:


  • Media payables
  • Financial payables
  • Hospital payables
  • Pharmaceutical payables
  • Insurance payables
  • More!


It is for these reasons that 49 percent of shared services organizations plan to deploy robotic process automation within the next two years, per SharedServicesLink's Future of Shared Services study. Read our latest blog!



See how the robotic process automation capabilities in IPS Productivity Wrx℠ can benefit you. Contact Us today!