Take the Guesswork Out of Managing Your Cash and Spend

Posted by Greg Bartels on Jun 19, 2019 4:21:26 PM
Greg Bartels

Manual and semi-automated invoice processes make it nearly impossible for CFOs and treasurers to get the information they need to effectively manage working capital and corporate spend.

  • Data is poorly organized
  • Information is not timely
  • Systems are not well-integrated
  • Decision-makers don’t have access to critical variables
  • Key information is not captured


It’s no wonder that most businesses can’t accurately forecast long-term cash flows.  

Stop the financial guesswork by automating your accounts payable process.

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Automated accounts payable solutions include flexible reports and real-time visibility, providing CFOs and treasurers with the ability to better manage working capital and corporate spend.


  • Interactive dashboards display real-time information on cash flow and liabilities to suppliers
  • Integration with any ERP provides visibility across business units and locations
  • Supplier information can be easily accessed through vendor master database integration
  • Invoices are tracked in real-time and detailed audit trails are instantly available
  • Authorized users can access archived invoices anytime, from any location or device


With an automated accounts payable solution, such as IPS Productivity Wrx℠, key information on cash and spend not only is current but it also completely transparent for CFOs and treasurers.

Real-time visibility into accounts payable information empowers CFOs and treasurers to:


  • Accurately forecast cash flows
  • Make fluid decisions about keeping cash versus taking supplier discounts
  • Gain leverage in negotiations with suppliers
  • Identify opportunities to optimize electronic payment usage
  • More easily analyze spend patterns


This makes accounts payable automation an invaluable strategic tool for CFOs and treasurers.

Don’t let guesswork drive your company’s decision-making on cash and spend.

Contact IPS today to learn how we are helping companies gain real-time payables visibility.


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