SAP Ariba Integration: How IPS Helps Make the Most of Your Investment

Posted by Rich Arminio on Feb 15, 2022 10:27:41 AM
Rich Arminio
It’s tempting to think that deploying SAP Ariba will solve all your invoice processing problems. But it doesn’t take long to realize that you might need a bit more help.

IPS SAP Ariba/DSN IntegrationThere’s no question that SAP Ariba is a powerful tool that can help businesses streamline their procure-to-pay process and digitize and accelerate the handling of supplier invoices. Invoices submitted electronically through SAP Ariba can be processed fast and with minimal intervention.

But what happens when invoices don’t arrive via SAP Ariba? After all, it will take time to convert all your suppliers to electronic invoice submission. Some suppliers may refuse to submit invoices electronically. And it may not make sense to set some suppliers up for e-invoicing with SAP Ariba.

Without automation, invoices that arrive outside of SAP Ariba – such as invoices submitted via snail mail and e-mail – will still result in lots of time and money wasted keying invoice data, pushing paper, fixing typos and mistakes, chasing down information, and responding to supplier inquiries.

That’s where automated invoice processing solutions that integrate tightly with SAP Ariba come in!

Why SAP Ariba users need AP automation

SAP Ariba is a powerful business tool, particularly for large global businesses.

But combining SAP Ariba with a seamlessly integrated AP solution enables businesses to digitize and simplify the processing of all their invoices from Day 1, no matter how they are submitted.

Automated invoice processing solutions extend the functionality of SAP Ariba by digitizing invoice receipt, data capture, and approval, while maintaining SAP Ariba as the business system of record.

Here’s how an integrated AP automation solution complements SAP Ariba:

  • Digital mailroom. Invoices submitted through channels other than SAP Ariba – such as snail mail or e-mail– are automatically gathered and aggregated onto a single platform.
  • Intelligent data capture. The header and line-item data from invoices is automatically extracted and validated with a guaranteed level of accuracy. Any data on an invoice can be captured, including the supplier’s name, the invoice number, the invoice due date, the remittance address, unit prices and quantities, and the total amount of the invoice.
  • Invoice matching. The invoice data captured from invoices is matched with purchase order (PO) and proof-of-delivery information residing in the AP department’s SAP application. Spend management is a big part of the business case for SAP Ariba and the two-way and three-way matching in an integrated AP automation solution helps support that effort.
  • Invoice routing. Unmatched invoices or invoices requiring approval – such as high-dollar invoices or invoices from new suppliers – are digitally routed based on preset rules. Built-in notifications, alerts and escalation procedures keep the invoice approval process moving. And AP managers have visibility into the status of invoices at every step along the way.
  • Seamless integration with SAP Ariba. Invoice data is uploaded directly to SAP Ariba, without the need for re-keying. The result is all invoices end up in the same place and AP departments don’t have to rely on piecemeal solutions for processing their invoices.

Automated invoice processing software reduces the pain of invoices submitted outside of SAP Ariba. AP automation solutions also help ensure consistent, controlled processes for all invoices, no matter how suppliers submit them. And the combination of an integrated AP automation solution with SAP Ariba accelerates the approval and upload of supplier invoices submitted via snail mail and e-mail.

All this helps make an AP department more efficient and effective from Day 1.

For AP departments that have invested in SAP Ariba, a seamlessly integrated invoice processing solution is the next logical step towards automating every phase of the accounts payable lifecycle. The best AP automations are pre-integrated with SAP Ariba and can be up and running fast.

That means an AP department won’t have long to wait before it can digitize and simplify the processing of all the invoices it receives from suppliers and maximize its investment in SAP Ariba.

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