Digitizing Invoice Process - Save Millions

Posted by Greg Bartels on Jun 21, 2011 4:58:00 PM

Our recent case study "Digitizing Invoice Process and Affidavits Saves Ad Agency Millions” explains how a top-five advertising and media buying firm saved $500,000 —and improved client vendor satisfaction—with a new paperless accounts payable solution, led by IPS.

A large advertising and media buying firm was inundated with paper, fax, email invoices, and an added layer of client accountability—all of which needed to be entered, validated and reviewed before processing. This case study shows how “The Agency” successfully teamed with IPS to streamline its shared services accounts payable processes.

The Agency’s head of shared services was fed up with the status quo when a representative from IPS reached out to her. Frustrated with the poor quality of the current process, she engaged IPS to implement the solution and within six weeks of a project start invoices were flowing seamlessly into their account system within 24 hours of receipt.

Every step in the Agency’s invoicing process is now digital and automated—from receipt to payment to archiving. IPS solution increased cash flow, sped invoice processing and response times, ensuring greater data accuracy and reduce overhead.

Read Case Study:
Digitizing Invoice Process and Affidavits Saves Ad Agency Millions.