Brooklyn Fire Exhibits a Burning Need to Digitize Documents

Posted by Neal Rudnick on Feb 6, 2015 8:55:00 AM

Your vital records can easily be damaged or destroyed in a flood, fire, or earthquake, but that isn’t the only risk to your company’s information when disaster strikes. Imagine confidential documents like medical records raining all over a neighborhood, where anyone could pick up a piece of paper containing enough information for an identity thief.

That’s exactly what happened when a fire destroyed a warehouse in Brooklyn just days ago. Government agencies, hospitals, law firms, and financial firms had been letting their  records collect dust in this warehouse—until the enormous fire spattered those papers onto the Brooklyn waterfront. 

It’s 2015—Why weren’t those documents stored digitally?

Clearly not all businesses have gotten on board with creating digitized records and eliminating their endless file cabinets.

Maybe you’ve been thinking, “How bad could it really be?” This recent disaster serves as a reminder of exactly why you don’t want your company’s papers sitting around in a warehouse. It’s unlikely that anyone could easily locate documents in a massive warehouse. The fire probably did a better job of helping these papers see the light of day.

Wouldn’t it be easier if, instead of sending someone to access a file in a warehouse, employees could recall urgent information from their office computers? Services that digitize your documents allow you to keep data on the cloud where it is both easy to locate and cannot fall prey to disasters such as fires.

Are your vital records prepared to come under fire?

This eye-opening disaster sheds light on the importance of making sure your vital records are truly protected. Scanning and digitizing documents is important for any business as we move into the future. 


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