3 Reasons Why You Need to Streamline Your HR Processes

Posted by Greg Bartels on Dec 4, 2014 9:03:09 AM

If you’ve kept your finger on the pulse of HR, you’ve most likely picked up on one prominent theme: streamlining processes.

Whether or not your company has made progress in this area yet, improving business processes has been the number one initiative for HR functions for the second year in a row, and with good reason.

According to Towers Watson's 2014 HR Service Delivery and Technology Survey:

HR Streamline Initiatives

The forward momentum technology has introduced into a once very manual practice is drastically transforming the playing field. It is more important now than ever before to keep pace and move your HR processes towards a more focused, efficient and effective future. Still on the fence?

Consider these 3 important reasons why you need to start revamping your HR processes while there’s still time:

  1. Your competition will leave you in the dust

In the last 18 months, 55% of HR professionals have been making giant strides in reengineering key processes including: onboarding, compensation reviews, pay roll, and talent acquisition.

Candidates considering positions expect to interact with potential employers online and submit items electronically. When interviewing at multiple companies in an industry, the contrast between those who have made the move to digital and those who still require faxed resumes and paper copies is stark.

Internally, keeping employees informed of benefits, compensation, and performance reviews online will keep them happier and more productive. Both are important components in employee retention and fostering a positive work environment.

  1. You’re spending too much time pushing paper

Processing paper documents, especially in the volumes most HR department receive, is incredibly time consuming and manual. Reviewing documents is also a monumental task. Items must be processed, reviewed, securely stored, and organized in order to be able to reference them later. Not to mention all the physical space that is monopolized by filing cabinets and storage.

All that time dedicated to pushing paper can be reallocated to enriching current employees’ work experiences, improving the onboarding processes for new employees, enhancing talent acquisition, and making your company’s presence stand out to those on the job hunt.

  1. The digital age is demanding

There is a clear over-abundance of information available these days—anything you need to know is at your fingertips if you have an internet connection. Remote storage and access to data with cloud services give us even more reason to record, store, and catalogue every bit of information we come across.

With these kinds of capabilities, the volumes of information grow exponentially, and trying to keep up without the right tools to handle the influx would leave you unprepared and incredibly overwhelmed.

Searching through the ever-growing accumulation of data quickly or efficiently would also be an insurmountable task without digital tools powerful enough to manage all the data.

Worried you’re behind the curve when it comes to updating your own HR processes and don’t know where to start? Contact IPS and learn how we can help you tackle the transition to paperless and bring your HR processes up to speed.

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