Productivity Wrx for Accounts Payable Automation

Achieve visibility, higher staff productivity and faster cycle times, while cutting costs and errors

Accounts Payable owns a dubious trifecta:

  • The most paper-intensive finance and administration function 
  • The most labor-intensive finance and administration function
  • The finance and administration function most in need of automation
Source: IOFM


IPS can help.

With Productivity Wrx for Accounts Payable Automation, you get the most powerful set of invoice-to-pay capabilities on the market.  Like the intelligent capture of data from paper and digital invoices.  And digital approval workflows and market-leading innovations such as artificial-intelligence assisted exceptions resolution.  Plus, the seamless upload of invoice data to your existing ERP or accounting system. 

  • Reduce overhead by automatically extracting data from any paper or electronic invoice
  • Accelerate cycle times with digital workflows that use intuitive Web and e-mail-based tools
  • Eliminate back-and-forth e-mails with artificial intelligence-assistance reconciliation
  • Better manage your operations and your working capital with real-time dashboards
  • Seamlessly upload data on approved invoices to any ERP or accounting system
  • Reduce your cost of goods through integration with a supplier network
  • Transform accounts payable into a profit center with cash-back rebates on card spend


And we accomplish all this without costly upgrades to your ERP, risky technology investments, lengthy system implementations or disruptions to your established payables processes and staff.

    Let IPS show you how Productivity Wrx can digitally transform your accounts payable process.