Invoice Processing Software for Strata Users

    The #1 accounts payable software for media buyers

    The media buying process can be complex.

    Processing invoices for time and space buys made on behalf of a client shouldn’t be.

    Automated accounts payable software from IPS makes it easy for Strata users to process invoices. That’s why the largest media buyers in the world trust IPS invoice processing software.

    The IPS accounts payable solution aggregates all electronic invoices, including those sent as e-mail PDF attachments, via a supplier portal, or uploaded to a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) landing site.

    Any invoices sent as paper can be converted to electronic invoices for standardized processing.

    Line-item data and other invoice information is automatically extracted and compared to data in the insertion order in Strata. Matched invoices are uploaded directly to Strata for payment. Unmatched invoices or invoices that require approval based on pre-defined business rules are digitally routed to the appropriate individual, regardless of whether they work in the office, at home, or on-the-go. The IPS invoice processing software provides a complete audit trail and logging of all actions taken on each supplier invoice. And AP managers can see the status of each supplier invoice in real-time.

    Why Strata users should automate invoice processing

    Integrating an automated accounts payable solution with Strata enables media buyers to:

    • Eliminate manual tasks and reduce invoice processing costs
    • Post more invoices directly to Strata without human operator intervention
    • Always know where invoices stand in the approval process
    • Respond more quickly to supplier inquiries regarding the status of invoices
    • Pay more supplier invoices to terms, no matter where AP staff work
    • Free finance staff to focus on higher value activities


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