Invoice Processing Software for FreeWheel's Strata Platform

    The best invoice-to-pay solution for Strata users

    Managing the business side of an ad agency or marketing company can be hard. Time spent on administrative tasks is time that staff cannot spend on higher value activities that drive growth.

    Invoice processing software from IPS lets Strata users focus on what matters most.

    The IPS AP Automation solution extracts the header and line-item details from invoices, matches invoices against insertion orders residing in FreeWheel’s Strata application, digitally routes any invoices requiring approval or exceptions handling based on preset rules, and uploads approved invoices directly into Strata, without the need for human operator intervention.

    IPS provides Strata users with a digital invoice approval and posting process from Day 1.  Eliminating the manual tasks required to enter invoices enables ad agencies and marketing companies to post invoices faster and more accurately, in a transparent and secure manner.

    And IPS invoice processing software doesn’t change the way that Strata users work.

    Why Strata users should automate invoice processing

    Integrating IPS AP software with FreeWheel's Strata platform enables ad agencies and marketing companies to:

    • Eliminate manual tasks and reduce invoice processing costs
    • Post more invoices directly to Strata without human operator intervention
    • Always know where invoices stand in the approval process
    • Respond more quickly to supplier inquiries regarding the status of invoices
    • Pay more supplier invoices to terms, no matter where AP staff work
    • Free finance staff to focus on higher value activities


    How IPS automates invoice processing for Strata users

    IPS helps Strata users automate the entire invoice-to-pay lifecycle.


    Reduce costly, error-prone and time-consuming data entry with automated invoice data capture guaranteed at 99.95% accuracy:

    • Capture any paper, emailed, PDF or electronic invoice from suppliers
    • Extract and validate invoice data information without manual keying
    • Achieve guaranteed 99.95% data capture accuracy with our unique verification process
    • Automatically address exceptions and defects
    • Seamlessly upload invoice data into FreeWheel's Strata platform



    Accelerate invoice approval and eliminate late-payment penalties, capture more early-payment discounts, and reduce inquiries from suppliers:

    • Electronically route invoices for approval based on configurable business rules
    • View the status of invoices to ensure that approval processes stay on track
    • Stay productive on-the-go with mobile access and decision-making
    • Ensure compliance and security with audit trails and comprehensive administrative tools



    IPS Supplier Portal facilitates the seamless upload of data on approved invoices to FreeWheel's Strata platform:

    • Eliminate the need for costly and error-prone keying into FreeWheel's Strata platform
    • Accelerate the delivery of invoice information downstream
    • Always know what has been spent on behalf of a client and what is planned


    If you are a Strata user looking for a better way to process suppliers invoices, IPS wants to speak with you.

    Contact us to speak with one of our media payables experts today!


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