Simplify and accelerate invoice processing.

In an industry where margins are thin and supply chain disruptions can be a disaster, manufacturers need a fast, efficient way to process invoices.  Cloud-based accounts payable solutions from IPS turn what used to be a burden into an effortless process, no matter where accounts payable teams work.

All your supplier invoices, on one platform

Aggregate all paper and electronic invoices, including e-mail and EDI invoices, onto one platform.

Reduce accounts payable costs by 60%

Automate the entire process of approving invoices and seamlessly posting them to any ERP.

Give your staff more time to support the business

Make touchless invoice processing a reality with intelligent extraction and validation of invoice data.

Accelerate your invoice approval cycles

Avoid supply chain issues with digital workflows and real-time visibility into the status of invoices.

Centralize your accounts payable operations

Simplify your operations by using our cloud platform for all your units and subsidiaries.

Reduce inquiries to your accounts payable team

Empower suppliers with an online portal that provides the information they need 24/7.

Whether your business is consumer packaged goods, light industry, industrial equipment, consumer electronics, chemicals or medical devices, a cloud-based accounts payable solution from IPS can help.

With IPS, manufacturers spend less time processing invoices and more time finding solutions for the other challenges they are facing. Never worry about invoice processing again!

IPS protects your manufacturing operation's valuable accounts payable data.