Life Sciences

The best AP Automation solution for life sciences.

Whether your organization is a biotechnology firm, pharmaceutical company, medical device manufacturer or clinical services provider, the IPS AP automation solution can help.


  • Aggregate all paper and electronic invoices onto a single platform
  • Extract and validate all invoice data and match it against information residing in an ERP
  • Digitally route invoices for approval based on pre-set rules, even for Work from Home
  • Seamlessly upload approved invoices to any ERP or accounting system
  • Empower suppliers to check the status of invoices 24/7/365
  • Streamline the management of supplier information
  • Instantly access reporting and business intelligence
  • Safeguard sensitive financial information


Our accounts payable software enables life sciences firms to reduce invoice processing costs, eliminate errors and duplicate payments, speed invoice approvals, and enhance visibility.

The IPS digital mailroom also supports the receipt of documents other than invoices.

What makes IPS the best AP solution for life sciences?

  • Digital mailroom
  • Intelligent data capture
  • Dynamic workflows
  • Seamless ERP integration
  • Online supplier portal
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Supplier management


Is your life sciences firm ready to automate its invoice processing?

Do you need to streamline your document scanning and information capture?

Learn more about our AP automation solutions and digital technologies for Life Sciences.

IPS enables life sciences firms to simplify and digitize invoice processing, no matter their invoice volume, their processing complexity, their ERP or where their accounts payable staff works.