Reduce costs, accelerate cycle times and enhance customer service.

Insurers are overrun with documents and data.  And the burden on most insurers is getting worse!


IPS helps make sense of all this content with solutions that use advanced digital technologies.

Our scalable and flexible solutions extend the value of an insurer’s legacy systems by:

  • Accurately and efficiently capturing critical data from any document, in any format
  • Accelerating cycle times with highly configurable electronic workflows
  • Enhancing service with digital archival of documents and data and instant access to content
  • Driving strategic decision-making with real-time transparency and comprehensive reporting
  • Strengthening compliance and security with a battle-tested private cloud delivery model
  • Eliminating information gaps and data latency by providing a seamless integration with any legacy core, policy, billing, or claims management system


Our technologies help insurers stand out in a crowded and highly competitive industry.

IPS solutions deliver these benefits for a wide range of insurance applications: 

  • Application processing
  • New business onboarding
  • Claims processing
  • Case management
  • Agency management
  • Legal
  • Human resources


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Digital technologies from IPS help insurers meet their industry's ever-increasing compliance and security demands.