Information Technology

Improve business outcomes for the departments you serve.

IT professionals must help the departments they serve better manage their critical information.


That's a tall order for organizations that rely on manual and semi-automated business processes.  Here's why:

  • Key information is not captured
  • Data is poorly organized
  • Information is not timely
  • Systems are fragmented
  • Decision-makers cannot access key variables


IPS can help. 

Our solutions transform information management by combining our unmatched experience and expertise in business process automation with advanced digital technologies such as:

  • Intelligent data capture for paper and electronic documents
  • Approval and exceptions workflow automation
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Analytics
  • Mobile
  • Secure web-based image and data archival and retrieval
  • Integration with platforms specific to your industry


IPS solutions eliminate laborious and error-prone data entry by intelligently capturing and mapping critical data and indexing document images and data so information is instantly available.     

And IPS does all this in a highly secure cloud environment that provides business continuity. 

IT can use IPS solutions to help their departments: 

  • Reduce operations costs
  • Decrease the time and risk associated with digital transformation
  • Accelerate information availability
  • Increase data accuracy
  • Eliminate data siloes
  • Provide transparency across the information lifecycle


Learn how IPS can help your IT group make digital transformation a reality for the departments you serve.

IPS can help your IT department make digital transformation a reality for the departments it serves.