Streamline invoice processing, no matter where AP staff works.

IPS enables hospitals to keep invoice approvals flowing, no matter how you receive invoices, your invoice volume, processing complexity, downstream systems or where your AP staff works.

The IPS AP automation solution can be configured to the diverse needs of your hospital:

USPS, UPS or FedEx mail forwarding
IPS eliminates the need for your staff to be on site and manage the receiving and opening of mailed invoices. Forward the invoices you receive from suppliers directly to IPS and we will provide outsourced cloud invoice processing, including scanning, intelligent data capture, dynamic workflows, and invoice upload. IPS also offers real-time business intelligent as part of its cloud-based AP automation software.

Intelligent data capture in the cloud
Data-entry error and the manual burden of keying invoices into your ERP system becomes obsolete. Simply drag and drop your invoices to the secure IPS cloud portal and our AP automation solution will handle the rest.

Any format invoice processing
Direct your suppliers to send their invoices to a centralized e-mail box and our AP automation solution will process them, based on your business rules. IPS also can retrieve and process invoices submitted via a supplier portal or File Transfer Protocol (FTP) upload.

Invoice approval in the cloud
Upload your supplier invoices to the secure IPS cloud and our AP automation solution will facilitate mobile approval with your purchasers, based on your hospital’s invoice processing business rules.

Virtual card payments
Pay your suppliers on time and earn cash-back rebates on spend made with a card.

Regardless of your hospital’s needs, IPS can get you up and running fast. And we guarantee 24-hour turnaround on invoice approvals and 99.95 percent data capture accuracy on the supplier invoices that we process.

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Two of the top 10 children's hospitals in the nation trust IPS for invoice processing. Case Study