Reduce costs, improve patient care and streamline regulatory compliance.

From the exam room to the back-office, the healthcare industry is overrun with documents and data.


Our digital technologies eliminate the issues caused by lost, misplaced or damaged health records – issues that can result in a life-or-death situation for some instances.  By digitizing health records with IPS technology, healthcare organizations can contain costs, streamline records management and speed response times to physicians and other medical practitioners – all in a secure environment.

Healthcare organizations also use IPS solutions to eliminate friction in their invoice approval process.  Our technology aggregates invoices in any format, from any delivery channel, extracts and validates invoice data, electronically routes invoices to approvers based on pre-defined business rules, facilitates the resolution of defective invoices and uploads invoices to any ERP.

IPS solutions digitally transform healthcare applications by combining our unmatched expertise and experience in business process automation with advanced digital technologies such as: 

  • Intelligent data capture for paper and electronic documents
  • Approval and exceptions workflow automation
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Analytics
  • Mobile
  • Secure web-based image and data archival and retrieval
  • Integration with platforms specific to the healthcare industry


And IPS does all this while making information instantly available to users.

If your healthcare organization is seeking innovative ways to achieve greater operational efficiency, improve patient care and streamline regulatory compliance, IPS can help.

Learn how IPS can make digitital transformation a reality for your healthcare organization.

lPS technologies digitally transforming records management, accounts payable and other mission-critical business applications.