Financial Services

The best way for financial services firms to automate accounts payable.

AP and invoice processing is inefficient at most financial services firms. 


  • High invoice processing costs
  • Long invoice approval cycles
  • Lost and misplaced invoices
  • Trouble getting invoices to approvers who Work from Home
  • Double-keying of invoice data into an ERP
  • Poor invoice visibility


Whether you work for a brokerage firm, investment firm, bank or other financial services firm, pressure is mounting to digitize and simplify AP and invoice processing and improve financial visibility.

Why financial services firms should automate AP

The best AP automation solutions help financial services firms achieve significant operational and financial benefits while enhancing visibility into cash flow, corporate spending, and potential compliance issues. 

Accounts payable automation software streamlines invoice processing end-to-end:

  • Digital mailroom technology aggregates all paper and electronic invoices
  • Accounts payable software "bots" retrieve invoices from e-mail boxes, portals and FTP landing sites
  • Intelligent data capture technology extracts and validates invoice data with guaranteed accuracy and matches invoices against purchase orders (POs) and proof-of-delivery receipts
  • Dynamic workflows digitally route invoices for approval, no matter where staff works
  • Mobile approval of invoices supports remote workers and decision-makers on-the-go
  • Exceptions management tools eliminate back-and-forth e-mails and phone calls
  • Seamless integration with any legacy ERP or account system avoids double-keying
  • A self-service portal enables suppliers to submit invoices and check invoice status 24/7
  • Invoice analytics provide real-time visibility into financial metrics and KPIs


The best AP software delivers all this in a highly secure and compliant Cloud environment.

AP automation can help no matter the size of your financial services firm, the complexity of your invoice processing rules, your invoice volumes, your legacy ERP or accounting system, or where your staff work.

With AP automation solutions, financial services firms can gain the operational efficiency and insights into financial information that they need to achieve a competitive edge in a competitive, regulated market.

Learn how your financial services organization can benefit from the best AP automation solution.

Accounts payable automation solutions from IPS enable financial services of all sizes to digitize and simplify invoice processing, no matter the invoice volume, processing complexity, legacy ERP, or where AP staff work.