Advertising and Media

Eliminate friction from your invoice processing and approval process.

Using manual and e-mail-based approaches to receiving, processing and approving invoices costs too much, takes too long, creates too many errors, provides inadequate visibility and frustrates suppliers.


IPS offers media buying and advertising agencies a better approach to processing invoices.

Our AP transformation platform transforms invoice processing by combining IPS' unmatched experience and expertise in business process automation with digital technologies such as:

  • Intelligent data capture for paper and electronic invoices
  • Approval and exceptions workflow automation
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Analytics
  • Mobile
  • Secure web-based image and data archival and retrieval


And the IPS AP transformation platform can integrate with platforms specific to your industry. 

The IPS AP transformation platform is helping prominent media buying and advertising agencies:

  • Reduce invoice processing costs by more than 50 percent
  • Accelerate invoice approval cycle times by 40 percent
  • Improve data accuracy to 99.95 percent
  • Achieve visibility and control across the invoice approval cycle
  • Easily scale their operations to meet increased volume
  • Strengthen relationships with key suppliers such as digital media providers


These are some of the reasons that eight of the top nine media buying and advertising agencies in the world have transformed their invoice processing and approval with the IPS AP transformation platform.

Learn how IPS can make digital transformation a reality for your media buying and advertising agency.

The largest media and advertising firms in the world rely on IPS digital technologies.