How can Prisma MediaOcean customers speed invoice processing?

    Prisma MediaOcean customers can speed invoice processing by deploying an accounts payable automation solution that integrates seamlessly with Prisma MediaOcean.

    AP automation eliminates many of the manual tasks that can cause delays in approving invoices. Accounts payable automation receives all supplier invoices – including invoices sent via e-mail – extracts line-item details, credit memos, adjustments, placement level and other invoice information with a guaranteed high level of accuracy, matches supplier invoices against insertion orders in Prisma MediaOcean, and posts matched invoices directly to Prisma MediaOcean without the need for manual keying.

    Digital workflows speed the approval of unmatched invoices and invoices that require review. Accelerating invoice processing helps Prisma MediaOcean users bill customers faster for purchases made on their behalf and avoid upsetting valued suppliers.