Webinar - How Automation Turned Greenthal's AP Department into a Growth Engine

Webinar Recording
Webinar Recording
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Watch the webinar recording of IPS and Greenthal Management Corp.'s IT Director to learn how automation turned Greenthal's AP department into a growth engine.

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Every business wants to do more with less. This is especially true for companies in the highly competitive property management market. Greenthal Management Corp., one of the largest property management companies in the five boroughs of New York, found a solution by automating its AP process. At a time when the company was growing fast, AP automation helped Greenthal reduce department overhead, improve visibility, and efficiently scale its operations.

Greenthal’s Ramon Reynoso will share the challenges manual AP processes created for the fast-growing property management company, the strategies that Greenthal used for automating its AP process, the benefits Greenthal achieved, and the lessons he learned.

What you will learn:IPS Webinar Greenthal AP Automation

  • The challenges Greenthal faced from inefficient AP processes
  • The benefits Greenthal has achieved through AP automation
  • How AP automation helps support Greenthal’s fast growth
  • The AP automation lessons that Greenthal has learned