Webinar - 5 Mistakes to Avoid Building an AP Automation Business Case

Webinar Recording
Webinar Recording
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Watch the webinar recording with IPS Business Development Manager, Rich Arminio and President Brousseau & Associates, Mark Brousseau to learn the 5 mistakes to avoid when building a business case for AP automation.

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Just about every AP department today wants to automate its invoice processing. They are either planning to deploy a system for the first time or updating their existing technology. But many AP automation proposals will never get past the starting line. Other plans will fall short of expectations. In either case, most of the failures can be traced back to common mistakes that AP departments make when pulling together the business case for automation. This webinar will reveal those mistakes.

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What you will learn:

  • Why there’s never been a better time to automate invoice processing
  • The most common mistakes when building an AP automation business case
  • Proven strategies for pulling together a success AP automation business case