IOFM AP Automation Summit | AP Automation that Helps AP Work Better

Demo Recording
Demo Recording
Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM)
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Watch the recording of the IPS Demo - AP Automation that Helps AP Work Better from the IOFM AP Automation Summit held on December 4, 2020.

Watch the recording today!

IOFM AP Automation Summit 2020 - IPS Demo Cover

If there is one thing that we have learned in 2020, it is that things change fast. And accounts payable departments need an invoice processing solution that can address those changes.

During the IOFM AP Virtual Summit, IPS discusses how to make Work from Home, work better, using:
  • A digital mailroom
  • Intelligent data capture
  • Digital workflows
  • Mobile approvals
  • A supplier portal
  • Invoice analytics
  • Seamless ERP integration


The IPS AP automation solution can process any invoice, in any format, in any volume, with any complexity, using any device and post it directly to any ERP, no matter where staff work. See it for yourself!

Watch the demo recording, AP Automation that Helps AP Work Better, held on  December 4, 2020.

Download the demo here.