Enterprise Benefits

    IPS delivers benefits to key stakeholders across the corporate enterprise.



    • Higher net profit margins through lower operations costs
    • Real-time visibility into liabilities, cash and corporate spend
    • Analytics for strategic decisions
    • Fewer late-payment penalties
    • More opportunities to capture early payment discounts
    • Transform AP into a profit center


    Financial Controller:

    • Enhanced visibility into operational performance
    • Actionable insights into liabilities, cash and corporate spend
    • Automatically enforced operational controls
    • Streamlined compliance and reporting
    • Less risk of payment fraud
    • Faster and more accurate financial close



    • Fewer unapproved or out-of-budget purchases
    • Less risk of supply chain disruptions from late payments
    • Enhanced supplier experience through an online portal
    • Real-time visibility into corporate spend
    • Greater leverage at the negotiating table through reporting
    • Tighter contract compliance



    • Less burden supporting accounts payable
    • Empower AP to configure workflows and generate reports
    • Achieve better value from ERP investments
    • Tighter security and compliance controls


    Accounts Payable Leader:

    • Faster invoice approval and exceptions resolution
    • Real-time reporting on operational performance
    • Comprehensive tracking of operator productivity
    • Provide stakeholders with real-time actionable insights
    • Complete audit trails for processed invoices
    • Transform AP into a profit center


    Learn how IPS can deliver these benefits across your enterprise!