Document Workflow Solutions

IPS Digital Workflow

Secure, compliant and intuitive—IPS Digital Workflow reduces information handling costs and improves process cycle times.

Our web-based SaaS delivery model eliminates hardware and software obsolescence. With IPS Digital Workflow, clients can focus on innovating the business process, reducing or eliminating paper and expensive, error-prone manual processes. Ideal applications for document workflows are

  • Accounts payable
  • Contract management
  • Human resources
  • Medical records
  • and other mission critical transaction processes.

More about IPS Digital Workflow

The IPS private cloud provides all the benefits of public cloud solutions—no hardware or software installation necessary—with added security and reliability for mission critical document processing in regulated and non-regulated environments. With IPS Digital Workflow, companies bypass the costly, cumbersome and time-intensive process of customizing large-scale enterprise systems. Streamline any collaborative, knowledge-based processes requiring multiple decision points. IPS Digital Workflow integrates with a wide variety of enterprise platforms to speed adoption rates, minimize IT expenses and improve ROI.

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