Re-Architecting the Platform: The Future will be Virtual

IPS is virtualizing its environment and giving you more possibilities!

Constantly tweaking tools and processes to spur improvement is great, but sometimes you need to perform an entire overhaul – and that’s exactly what we are doing. Harnessing the newest technologies in virtualization and cloud architecture, we are re-architecting our entire platform and YOU will be reaping the benefits.


So what exactly are we doing? Well, to start, we are completely virtualizing our data center; converting the hardware into software which is then plugged into  our virtualization infrastructure. Through this process we are taking most hardware out of the equation, which ultimately works to your advantage.

So what exactly are the benefits of virtualization?

  • Enhanced Security: Operating system isolation (sandboxing); near instantaneous recovery from viruses and other malicious attacks; so much more.
  • Simple Backups: Backing up data has never been easier. This means your information is even more secure.
  • Redundancy: This new technology will help our systems to become more reliable than ever before. The ability to duplicate all of the critical components virtually means that our systems are more fail-safe than ever before.
  • High Availability: We will be able to perform maintenance without service interruptions, meaning you’ll always be able to access your mission critical documents.
  • Scalability: scaling systems has never been easier. Need to improve a virtual machine? Just add a digital component.

The virtualization of the data center is just the start. We are currently migrating all IPS client facing systems to the Amazon Cloud and improving them while we are at it. ImageServ™ digital repository is currently in production on Amazon for many of IPS clients, others will be migrated in the coming months. Workflow and IPS Upload are in beta on the cloud, with new features being added by the end of the third quarter. IPS Upload will be featuring a brand new and more modern design as will our other systems.

The next few months will be a time of great change for all of us, as IPS takes a leap ahead in regards to technology. Want to know more about what to look for? Contact us and find out!