What's More Powerful Than Sandy?

Posted by Paula Loverich on Dec 6, 2012 2:41:35 PM

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, both the primary and second Internet connections at IPS went dead for a short time. Exhausted utility crews, working long hours on recovery, sliced through not one but three fiber lines. Our team was able to keep processing documents but needed to move quickly to address the loss of internet connectivity. As the clock ticked, IPS made the critical decision to shift personnel to its Tier 3 backup data center – but just as IPS personnel were leaving the Meadowlands Processing Center, service was restored and IPS was back online. Street Lignts

What lesson did we learn? “No matter how much redundancy you have,” says Goldstein, “you need more. Next on our to-do list is investigating point-to-point wireless as another layer of backup. It might or might not have survived Sandy; it would definitely have provided access to our network.”

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