Simplify Billing with Electronic Job Jackets


shutterstock_96131531 (2)This year's must-have for the advertising industry.

How many invoices are the byproducts of one print ad? How many for one commercial? In the fast-paced world of advertising, it can take hundreds of people, services, and products to make one piece of creative. Before you know it, you have hundreds of separate documents.

It takes careful attention to detail and extreme organizational skills to coordinate invoices and prepare them for delivery to clients. A standard tool for arranging and compiling this information is the job jacket—a folder used to file away production invoices and supporting financial information during production. Once a project is completed, supporting documentation is sent to the client along with their final invoice.

While an absolute necessity, in today’s digital world, file cabinets filled with paper are quickly becoming a nuisance. This is where our new digital job jacket will simplify your processes.

By replacing your traditional paper files with digitized documents, you can ensure easy access to documents for client billing, as well as internal and external audits. So how does it work?

1- As supporting documents such as estimates, budgets, invoices and expense reports are received, we convert them into standardized digital images.

2- You then have the ability to file them electronically into a secure digital job jacket.

3- At billing time, simply retrieve the appropriate supporting documentation and send it to your client with the click of a mouse.

When you’re ready to hear more about the digital job jacket or if you are interested in learning how an all-digital process will work for you, contact Randy Schonfeld, Financial Operations Consultant at IPS.

You can contact Randy right now by filling out the following form:

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