Moving to a Better Class of Cloud

Posted by Paula Loverich on Feb 27, 2013 2:16:00 PM

 When the idea of cloud computing first surfaced, sophisticted businesspeople were skeptical. Who wanted their vital information on remote servers in virtual locations floating like water vapor in the air?

Better Class of Cloud

But as the cloud services business model has matured, its advantages have become clear. Storing data and providing services across an infrastructure made up of multiple data centers managing multiple copies of the data in synchronization is the most robust possible way to maintain performance. Students of information technology history will not be surprised. The Internet Protocol - foundation fo the entire World Wide Web - was created to power a communications network capable of surviving nuclear attack. Hurricane Sandy was only the most recent example of a disaster in which companies operating with cloud infrastructure - whether their own or that of a service provider - came through with flying colors.

IPS has long provided cloud-based services to its customers, from access to our ImageServ repository to sophisticated workflow tools. During 2013, we are raising the bar. We will conduct a staged transition from a mix of in-house and outsourced servers to the industry-leading Amazon Web Services platform. AWS offers high availability, automatic failover when a server fails, robust security and assured business continuity. For our growing busines, it also offers greater scalability and lower overall infrastructure costs.

We will work with customers as we transition their services to the new Amazon cloud. Not that they will notice the change - but it's only polite to inform you when your vital data has a new and better home.

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