June 20 Webinar on Invoice Automation Shares the Three Facts of Life for AP Professionals

Posted by admin on Jul 11, 2013 6:51:00 AM

On June 20, PayStream Advisors and IPS presented a Webinar, “The Keys to Success in AP Automation,” which built on the content of the recent Invoice and Workflow Automation report. During the Webinar, IPS CEO Greg Bartels presented what he called the three facts of life for the AP professional seeking to improve the efficiency of invoice processing


  • “You can’t control the vendor.”
  • “You can’t dictate to other departments.”
  • “You can’t justify large capital investments in AP.”

IPS offers automated accounts payable solutions.Clearly understanding those challenges, said Bartels, lets you focus on what you do control: technology you already have, the processes you use today and your current budget. All three are sufficient to enable a sophisticated workflow solution using the hosted platform of a trusted vendor.

Read Greg’s blog post about the event and see his presentation. You can also visit the Payables page of our site to learn more.

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