IPS Accounts Payable Solution Now Available on SAP Store

IPS also has become an official partner of the SAP Partner Edge program.

IPS AP Automation on SAP StoreSECAUCUS, NJ, September 15, 2021 – IPS, a global leader in accounts payable automation, today announced that its AP Automation Solution is now available on SAP Store, the digital marketplace for SAP offerings and complementary solutions from SAP partners.  IPS also has become an official partner of the SAP Partner Edge program.

The availability of the IPS solution on SAP Store, and IPS’ certification as an integrator into the SAP Ariba and Digital Supplier Network (DSN) platforms, will enable SAP users to accelerate their digital transformation.

SAP Store, found at store.sap.com, delivers a simplified and connected digital customer experience for finding, trying, buying and renewing more than 1,800 solutions from SAP and its partners. The IPS Accounts Payable solution page in SAP Store features video-based resources to learn more about the product, as well as transparent pricing, with prices displayed for the IPS AP product line.

The IPS AP Automation Solution captures any paper or electronic invoice (including invoices that arrive via the mail, e-mail, or a File Transfer Protocol landing site) into cXML format for touch-free Day 1 upload into the SAP Ariba and DSN. The IPS AP Automation Solution also provides configurable digital workflows for the approval of non-purchase order (PO) invoices.

“IPS is pleased to be part of the SAP Store and the SAP Partner Edge program” said IPS Founder and CEO Greg Bartels. “The IPS AP Automation Solution will enable users of the SAP Ariba and Digital Supplier Network to streamline the handling of paper and e-mail invoices and to accelerate the approval of non-PO invoices.”

The interface software for the IPS AP Automation Solution has been SAP certified for integration with the SAP Ariba and DSN. By achieving this certification, IPS demonstrates its ability to deliver solutions that meet the quality requirements and standards set by SAP. The result of years of collaboration, this relationship fills the accounts payable needs of Ariba and DSN users. Businesses can be confident that IPS is enabled to work with the SAP Ariba and DSN.

The IPS AP Automation Solution enables businesses to aggregate 100 percent of all paper or electronic invoices onto a single platform, capture and validate invoice header and line-item data, route invoices for approval based on pre-defined business rules, and upload invoices and data to the SAP Ariba and DSN. With IPS, businesses can process invoices in any format, volume or complexity, received through any delivery channel, and process them regardless of where finance staff work.

To find IPS Accounts Payable Automation at the SAP store, visit store.sap.com, and search for "IPS AP Automation". Or contact IPS directly at rarminio@ipswrx.com for a demonstration of the solution and how it can help your business.

About IPS
IPS is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions that automate accounts payable and invoice processing end-to-end. The IPS platform combines intelligent data capture, robotic process automation, digital workflows, mobile, business analytics, supplier management and integration with any ERP application or downstream system. These are some of the reasons that IPS processes more than $100 billion in accounts payable spend each year, has created over 1 billion digital records over the past decade, and is the market leader in media payables.

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