ImageServ™ 3.0: In Beta, in the Cloud

Clients, get ready to boost your productivity!

Powered By Amazon Web ServicesWe spent months with our heads in the clouds, dreaming up and designing ways to improve the ImageServ platform and maximize its document storage abilities. Today, ImageServ 3.0 is itself in the cloud—Amazon Cloud to be exact.

Last month, we began beta-testing an updated version of ImageServ. Hosted by Amazon Web Services, ImageServ 3.0 continues to deliver the stability and performance you rely on while offering a host of new features that improve flexibility and ease of use.

What’s new in ImageServ 3.0?

  • Improved admin features: Client administrators can now manage users directly. This includes setting individual security policies for each user—without contacting customer support!
  • Forget third-party Java-based viewers: Users can now open and easily view files like PDFs and JPGs with software already on their computer.
  • Increased compatibility: ImageServ 3.0 runs on Macs as well as PCs and is compatible across Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.
  • Amazon Cloud: A scalable infrastructure platform and one of the safest, most secure hosting providers in the world, you can now have added confidence that your important data will always be a click away.

ImageServ 3.0 will be making its official debut in the coming months. In the meantime, let us know what you think of the new features—we’d love to hear your feedback. After all, our solutions are designed with you in mind!