ImageServ™ 3.0 Document Repository Makes Its Debut

Posted by Paula Loverich on Dec 12, 2013 10:38:00 AM


IPS has introduced the next generation of its ImageServ digital document repository, which brings customers a new level of speed, search capabilities and storage capacity. When ImageServ 1.0 was first introduced in 1999, it pioneered secure, online file storage, which has since morphed into a consumer application storing the digital life of average Americans.

The 3rd generation of ImageServ is built for business with the latest .NET technologies. Version 3.0 is hosted on IPS’s private cloud using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, a reliable, highly secure and scalable infrastructure platform trusted by the world’s leading companies.

The initial release of ImageServVersion 3.0 provides some new capabilities, including a SOAP-based Web service that allows users to retrieve their entire document data set in a single transaction. It also offers secure key communications with an individual master key for each customer. Using the key and a document name, customers can create a URL that links directly to any document they have stored in ImageServ. This capability allows enterprise IT manager to write applications that automatically access individual documents in the cloud.

Upcoming releases will include upgrades to the User Interface (UI) with a new, cleaner and easier UI that improves user interaction with the repository.

We look forward to feedback from our customers, and to the full implementation of ImageServ 3.0.

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