Agere Adds IPS Digital Workflow to Improve Accounts Payable

Posted by admin on Apr 20, 2008 3:11:00 AM

Agere Systems is a unit of LSI Corporation, a leading provider of innovative silicon, systems and software technologies. Its headquarters are in Pennsylvania, but the company's accounts payable operation resides half a world way in Thailand. Since 2002, the company has relied on ImageMailboxSM service from IPS to route incoming bills to its Thai staff. ImageMailbox captures incoming documents at the point of entry - the mailroom - and converts them into digital images for electronic routing within the organization.


In Thailand, however, the traffic on this digital highway was taking an abrupt detour. Thai staff printed out vendor bills by the hundreds of thousands and routed them manually for approval. While Agere System was able to increase mail-handling productivity and reduce shipping costs using ImageMailbox, there was still a big opportunity to further streamline the process.


The company recognized that opportunity, but the cost of programming a customized ERP solution was more than they could justify. Then Agere discovered IPS Payables WorkflowSM, an online solution providing automatic, rules-based routing of vendor bills at a fraction of the cost of ERP customization. IPS added Payables Workflow to the client's ImageMailbox application, and soon Agere's 500 individual AP approvers were able to call up, review and approve vendor bills for payment through a standard Web browser with a few clicks of the mouse. So impressed was David Salzman, Global Controller for Agere Systems, that "I've come to regard IPS services as worthy for consideration across the corporation."

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