At the IAB MIXX, the Question is "What is Advertising Anyway?"

Posted by admin on Sep 24, 2013 9:59:57 AM

At the Sept 23-24 IAB MIXX event in New York City, Greg Bartels and Randy Schonfeld from IPS share their answer to the provocative question posed to attendees: "?*%!* is Advertising Anyway?"

Greg and Randy at IAB MIXX Sept 13

The "IPS Digital Invoice" is the company's response to the industry's and the IAB's initiative of standardizing the format of invoices for interactive advertising. The IAB standard is an all-inclusive format that streamlines the invoice and automates the accounts payable process. Today most digital advertising invoices are manually processed with multiple discrepancies that delay payment and require extensive manual reconciliation, review and processing.

Handling discrepancies adds costs for both the agency and the publishing company and slows payment to publishers. IPS provides invoice automation, invoice approval and discrepancy resolution workflow to the world's top agencies and is a leading advocate for the IAB standard to streamline and automate the processing of incoming invoices. With the "IPS Digital Invoice", publishers provide an invoice that significantly improves the payment process and eliminates manual processing.

Learn more about accounts payable automation for advertising and media on our Solutions page or Contact Us to request your sample of the "IPS Digital Invoice".

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