AP Network Explains How to Get Your Next Automation Project Approved

Posted by admin on May 9, 2013 12:21:39 PM

What barriers are preventing your organization from automating accounts payable? Are you having trouble getting IT resources? Is the focus of your business case too narrow? Perhaps you are not giving your management a compelling reason to automate? After all, accounts payable is not the only department competing for improvement dollars

While most organizations have implemented some form and degree of AP automation, few have automated the all aspects of the entire process. According to 2011 TAPN benchmarking data, just 15 percent of organizations identified themselves as highly automated. Forty-four percent, however, said their automation levels were either low or none.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to work in accounts payable and ignore technology. The AP department's role is changing, as automation gives managers and specialists real opportunity to positively impact the bottom line. For departments that do not yet have this amount of process control, getting it means showing superiors how automation translates into labor savings, process savings, and improved company cash management.

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