IPS Begins Its 25th Year - A Look Back in Time at the Evolution of IPS

By Greg Bartels, President & CEO

As the founder of IPS, I have seen the digital revolution and the landscape of digitizing businesses change drastically over the past 24 years.  Paper-based processes have gradually moved toward paperless and are now rapidly moving forward as all-digital processes.

Technology is a tool, and with a digital document we can apply new tools in ways that were previously unavailable to paper-based documents. Digital photos are integral to many social media applications such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest and many others. I see a similar trend unfolding with digital documents as the key to new platforms for business-to-business trade, transactions and collaboration. Data is consumed by machines; however, people do not consume data.  People (knowledge workers) consume information in the form of documents and other graphical and auditory information that provide the knowledge to better manage their world. The lines that distinguish data from documents are changing subtly through new ways in which we interface with machines.  As mobile technologies transform businesses, the next wave of documents may very well be the merging of traditional information flows with interactive applications and technologies.

IPS pioneered many of today's current solutions for digitizing business and has led the industry through publishing many of these innovations.  This clearly demonstrates that your critical business documents will be managed by a company with proven experience and industry leadership through innovation.  As IPS looks to the future, we see more rapid changes that will drive further innovations and new technologies.  Here is a look back on many of IPS’ innovations over the past 24 years.

  • Database Matching -1992 (cited in US Patent 7619768)
  • Symbol and Barcode Recognition Technologies– 1992
  • Image On-site℠ - 1993
  • ImageTrack™  - 1993
  • Image Off-site℠ - 1994
  • ImageServ™ - 1996
  • IPS Digital Mailroom℠ - 1997
  • IPS Digital Workflow℠ - 1999
  • IPS Intelligent Capture℠ - 2002
  • IPS Upload℠- 2004
  • Invoice Automation and Approval Workflow - 2005
  • Automated Document Identification and Separation – 2006
  • IPS Digital Workflow 2.0 – 2008
  • Invoice Automation and Approval Workflow 2.0 - 2010
  • ImageServ 3.0 - 2012
  • Virtualization using Amazon (AWS) - 2013
  • IPS Portal Platform – 2014

When IPS started out over 24 years ago, we were already ahead of the curve in regards to digitizing business as we saw a digital revolution on the horizon.  As the digital revolution advances, IPS will continue to innovate and lead the evolution of information processing.  I am excited about the new things to come and we are looking forward to the next 25 years!