Has your BPO provider failed you during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing the operations of some BPO providers past their breaking point. 

The problem is that the manual and semi-automated processes employed by many BPOs weren’t designed to support remote workers and the other demands of COVID-19.  The operational problems that some BPOs are experiencing are resulting in service disruptions, security risks and other issues for their customers – at a time when businesses need their BPO the most.

Some BPO operations have ground to a halt, leaving invoices unprocessed and suppliers unpaid.  You don’t have to settle for poor performance from your BPO during the COVID-19 pandemic.  IPS has the technology and infrastructure to ensure smooth operation for its clients, no matter the circumstances.  And we can make it easy for your business to transition to IPS from your existing BPO.

E-mail Rich Arminio, Business Development Manager at rarminio@ipswrx.com or schedule a convenient time on his calendar to discuss your needs.