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Meet Neal Rudnick – Business Solutions Consultant

We understand how daunting new systems and processes can be and we understand how new systems and processes can revolutionize the way business is conducted.  It’s our passion to face the data management problems our clients experience head-on and determine a solution that will allow them more freedom—freedom from paperwork, freedom from time consuming data entry, freedom from pushing paper!  It’s important that you, our clients, and all future clients of IPS, are given proper education on digital processing.  With knowledge, you will no longer find these solutions daunting.

Neal_RudnickThis is where Neal Rudnick enters the picture.  In order to provide you the greatest level of consultation, we make sure we have the right people available to listen to your problems and devise actionable plans to put the right solution in place.  Neal recently joined the IPS team as a Business Solutions Consultant.  Neal’s prior experience as a financial consultant and mortgage originator allowed him to strengthen his natural, unique abilities to troubleshoot complex problems and analyze situations from multiple angles.  These skills make Neal a valuable asset (not just to IPS, but to you) as he will play a vital role in helping identify your specific processing needs and orchestrate the design and implementation of the solution that will help your business become more efficient.

Neal has a true passion for helping people discover ways to improve their business’ operations and increase their profitability.   Are you ready to take the next step in simplifying your processes?  Neal is ready!