Are You Managing Exceptions or Are They Managing You?

IPS to host the next IAPP/IFO meeting where Greg Bartels, President & CEO of IPS, will help you answer that question.

Speaking alongside Sal Alioto of Related Companies, Greg will tackle the topic of exception processing in accounts payable.  Exceptions are the stick in the wheel, the clog in the drain, the fly in the ointment—but it doesn’t have to be that way! 

Exceptions create most of the workload and form the biggest barrier to increased productivity from process automation. Almost 20 years after the introduction of EDI, more than 60% of invoices still arrive in document form in a bewildering variety of formats.  The effort to turn them into structured data generates a high volume of discrepancies – many of them simple data capture errors – and AP staff must devote substantial amounts of time to resolving them. A properly designed AP automation process, however, can sharply reduce the exception rate. 

Greg and Sal will discuss the issues that lead to discrepancies and exceptions and explain how automated processes can help avoid them while providing big gains in productivity, slashing turnaround time and ensuring that AP staff deal only with real exceptions.  

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