Automated Invoice Processing for MDS RapidPay Users

    Invoice data capture does not get much better than this.

    Maximize your MDS RapidPay investments with the best invoice data capture solution.

    The IPS invoice data capture solution integrates with the MDS RapidPay software for automated invoice processing. With IPS, MDS RapidPay users can stop keying invoice data, nearly eliminate data entry errors, speed invoice matching and accelerate the invoice-to-pay cycle.

    Why MDS RapidPay customers should automate invoice data capture

    No matter how you receive invoices, your invoice volume or processing complexity, or where your staff works, IPS invoice data capture provides the capabilities property managers need:

    • No-touch processing of invoices sent through the mail. IPS manages a dedicated P.O. Box for each MDS client and handles all mail opening, document scanning and data extraction.
    • Effortless electronic invoice processing. IPS makes it easy for MDS clients to receive emailed invoices and easily post any electronic invoices. We aggregate all electronic invoices onto a single platform– including e-mails and provide a portal for self-service uploads – and process all of them based on pre-defined rules.
    • Extraction and validation of invoice header and line-item data with guaranteed accuracy.
    • Streamlined processing of PO-based and non-PO invoices.
    • Matching of invoices to POs and proof-of-delivery documents.


    Best of all, IPS digitally uploads invoice data directly into MDS RapidPay for workflow approval.

    And our integration with MDS RapidPay means property managers can get started with IPS fast and with minimal IT involvement, even when accounts payable and IT staff work remotely.

    Invoice data capture for MDS RapidPay

    Experience the best invoice data capture solution for MDS RapidPay.

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