Media Payables

Digital, print, broadcast, outdoor, direct response, interactive – as the media mix expands, so do the challenges for media buyers and accounts payable.

Media accounts payable poses unique problems for the agency.  Media is complex to buy – and never more so than today, as Digital Advertising evolves and the Payment Process struggles to keep up.  It is even more challenging to verify that clients “know what they are paying for”.  As media diversifies, so do the ways that information reaches the agency. The complexity of the process and number of people needing this information continues to grow. Managing Media Accounts Payable and Finance on paper or with legacy systems drains agency profits, performance and morale, the frustrations of a rush-hour traffic jam!

From paper, email, EDI, Web download and other sources, the IPS Accounts Payable Automation Solution for Media Payables generates a standard digital document and electronic invoice format, with rigorous control over quality, across all forms of media.  Our intelligent data capture process extracts all the key Media Accounts Payable information from those documents – from vendor name to placement-level detail – IPS automatically posts it to MediaOcean, Strata or other financial system as an electronic invoice.  Through the IPS Digital Invoice , the digital document and corresponding data drives your digital workflow process, which routes invoices to approvers, manages exceptions and enables fast Reconciliation of the entire accounts payable process.

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Learn how the IPS Accounts Payable Automation Solution for Media Payables transforms the media AP paper chase into an all-digital accounts payable solution with workflow that speeds approvals, payments and eases reconciliation while boosting accuracy and transparency.

    The IPS AP Automation Solution:

    • Vendor/Partner Portal
      • Real time dashboard reporting
      • Seamless ERP Integration (Oracle, SAP, Media Ocean, Strata, +++)
      • Circle Chart_v3Automated alerts for risk mitigation
      • Diversity spending dashboard
      • Accounts Payable SaaS deployment
    • Digital Mailroom
    • Workflow
      • Accounts Payable SaaS deployment
      • ERP integration
      • Automated reconciliation tools
      • Case management
      • Early stage invoice audit and alerts
    • Information Governance
      • Compliant Information Governance repository
      • Advanced security functionality (track, audit, and report)
      • Accounts Payable SaaS deployment
      • Seamless ERP Integration