Accounts Payable Automation

Achieve transparency, higher staff productivity and faster cycle times, while cutting costs and errors

The IPS AP transformation platform for Accounts Payable Automation makes it easy for organizations to digitally transform their accounts payable process to eliminate friction and gain visibility and control over their cash, spending and risks. Never print, key or handle email invoices again with IPS' Straight-Through Processing.

Bring down information siloes

The IPS platform aggregates all paper and electronic invoices onto a single platform, regardless of their format or whether they arrived via the mail, scanner, fax, e-mail, EDI or a supplier portal.  Bots automatically retrieve supplier invoices, ensuring that invoices are received on a timely basis.

Gain control over your operations

The IPS platform tracks all invoices and provides users with real-time visibility into their status.  Personalized work queues display the information that is most important to different user types.

Streamline exceptions resolution

The IPS platform automatically identifies defective invoices and allows suppliers to add or revise invoice information via a collaborative online portal without having to resubmit the invoice.

Unlock the value of your information

Graphical dashboards and configurable reports provide authorized users across your enterprise with instant access to the data they need to optimize the management of cash, spending and risks.

Strengthen your supplier relationships

The IPS platform makes it easier for suppliers to do business with you.  An online self-service portal enables suppliers to effortlessly submit invoices, tax forms and other payables documents, update contact information, add or revise invoice data, review invoice status and history and more.  IPS also enables suppliers to instantly convert (or “flip”) POs into electronic invoices for submission.


  • Digital mailroom
  • Software bots for invoice retrieval
  • Intelligent capture of invoice data
  • Automated e-mails to suppliers to provide missing data
  • Configurable approval and exceptions workflows
  • Mobile invoice approval and research
  • A collaborative online portal with PO flip capabilities
  • Integration with any system or process
  • Links to document images in your ERP
  • Online archive and retrieval
  • Personalized graphical dashboards
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics