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Inefficient and ineffective accounts payable and invoice processing is costing your organization in more ways than you think:

  • AP staff time wasted keying invoice data, chasing down information, and shuffling paper
  • Long approval cycles that result in late payments and missed early pay discounts
  • Duplicate payments to suppliers and other invoice errors
  • Duplicate payments to suppliers and other invoice errors
  • Delays uploading invoice information into an ERP or accounting system
  • Lots of phone calls and e-mails from suppliers regarding the status of invoices and payments
  • Poor visibility into cash and spend


The operational disruption caused by Work from Home complicates invoice processing further for many AP departments.

IPS AP automation solutions eliminate these challenges with invoice processing software for:


The IPS AP automation solution integrates seamlessly with any ERP.  Learn more!

    IPS digitizes and simplifies the invoice-to-pay process end-to-end:


    • Aggregate, capture and validate any paper or electronic invoice from suppliers, including e-mail and e-invoice
    • RPA and machine learning technology that free staff from manual tasks with touchless invoice processing
    • Achieve guaranteed 99.95% invoice data capture accuracy 
    • Digitally route invoices for approval based on configurable business rules
    • Support remote workers and workers on-the-go with mobile approvals and mobile analytics
    • Leverage collaborative online functionality with suppliers for managing exceptions
    • Access real-time dashboards with user-defined graphical depictions of key AP metrics
    • Seamlessly upload invoice information on approved invoices to any legacy ERP, including SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Sage and Infor
    • Electronically pay suppliers in their preferred method and earn rebates on card spend
    • Ensure compliance and security with invoice audit trails and comprehensive accounts payable administrative tools


    The IPS invoice automation solution delivers significant operational and financial benefits:


    • Increase profit margins by reducing AP staff workloads up to 80%
    • Reduce late-payment penalties with visibility into invoices pending review or action
    • Improve cash management and spend analysis through enhanced visibility
    • Avoid profit leakage with greater payment accuracy and fewer duplicate payments
    • Lower the cost of goods with optimized early-payment discount opportunities
    • Extend the value of ERP investments with seamless upload of invoice information
    • Generate working capital through electronic payments to suppliers
    • Streamline audit and compliance with configurable reporting