AP Automation Solutions for Mediaocean Users

    The #1 invoice processing software for Mediaocean

    With IPS AP automation software, Mediaocean users can spend less time handling supplier invoices and more time on higher value activities that help grow their business and deliver value to clients.

    The IPS accounts payable automation solution seamlessly integrates with MediaOcean advertising software.

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    Invoice processing for Mediaocean

    IPS provides Mediaocean customers with a digital invoice-to-pay process from Day 1.

    • Never handle e-mail invoices again
    • No more keying of invoice data and no more data entry errors
    • Effortless matching of invoices with insertion orders
    • Fast digital routing of invoices to approvers across town or across the globe
    • Instant visibility on what’s been spent on behalf of a client


    All this means faster billing, stronger supplier relationships and fewer operational headaches.

    The IPS AP automation solution can be deployed fast and easily integrated with Mediaocean. And IPS won’t disrupt the way you currently do things in Prisma Mediaocean or Lumina Mediaocean.

    These are some of the reasons that the world’s largest media buyers use IPS for invoice processing.

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    Learn why IPS offers the best invoice processing software for Mediaocean customers.

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