AP Automation Solutions for Hudson MX Customers

    The best invoice processing software for Hudson MX

    Processing, clearing, approving and reconciliation of invoices is a burden for most Media AP and buying teams. 

    But the seamless integration of the IPS invoice processing solution with Hudson MX’s flagship product streamlines the approval and posting of invoices received in any format from suppliers.

    IPS provides Hudson MX customers with a digital invoice processing and posting process from Day 1.

    An agency can leverage the IPS Media Platform to effortlessly receive invoices from suppliers in any format, automatically extract and validate invoice data, match invoices against orders residing in Hudson MX, digitally route any invoices for clearing, approval and reconciliation based on pre-defined rules, and upload approved invoices into Hudson MX.

    Eliminating the manual tasks required to process invoices enables agencies to post more of the invoices they receive from suppliers directly to Hudson MX, without human operator intervention.

    Advanced analytics empower agencies to tightly manage their brands spending through real-time visibility into outstanding liabilities, spend by supplier, client and category, and other critical buying metrics.

    Why Hudson MX customers should automate AP

    There are lots of reasons Hudson MX customers should automate their invoice processing with IPS:

    • Automate the invoice-to-pay cycle end-to-end
    • Decrease invoice processing costs by 40 to 60 percent
    • Increase staff productivity by 60 percent
    • Significantly reduce the time it takes to post invoices to Hudson MX
    • Extend the value of Hudson MX investments
    • Deliver better service to customers


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