AP Automation Solution for Prisma Mediaocean Users

    The best invoice processing software for Prisma Mediaocean

    Why do 8 of the 9 largest media buyers in the world trust IPS for invoice processing?

    Because we make it easy for them to process the invoices they receive from suppliers.

    Reduce the costs and hassles of processing supplier invoices, approve invoices faster for better cash flow and stronger supplier relationships and get better visibility into spend on behalf of clients.

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    How it Works

    IPS AP automation digitizes and simplifies invoice processing for Prisma Mediaocean users.

    1. Our software receives all your electronic invoices. Any invoices that arrive via the mail are converted by our process experts to digital invoices for standardized processing.
    2. Line-item details, credit memos, adjustments, placement level and other invoice data is extracted with nearly flawless accuracy.
    3. Invoice data is matched against insertion orders in Prisma Mediaocean.
    4. Matched invoices are posted directly to Prisma Mediaocean, touch-free.
    5. Unmatched invoices or invoices that require additional review are digitally routed to the appropriate person based on your pre-configured business rules.

    Why Prisma Mediaocean customers should automate invoice processing

    IPS is the leading provider of AP automation solutions to ad agencies and marketing companies.

    • Process all your supplier invoices on a single platform.
    • Never handle or file paper or e-mail invoices again.
    • Always know how much you’ve spent with a supplier on behalf of a client.
    • Accelerate invoice processing approvals to avoid cash flow issues or late supplier payments.
    • Eliminate manual tasks and free staff to focus on higher value, growth-driving activities.
    • Upload invoice information into your Prisma Mediaocean platform faster and touch-free.
    • Process invoices fast and securely, even when staff work from home.


    These are some of the reasons that Prisma Mediaocean users turn to IPS for invoice processing.

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